This was our beautiful city, green and clean. It stood out in defiance to the shinning sun as if ready to battle. Each building had its own story; some were good and others just horrific. The city had seen better days and endured worst of the weather but still it was beautiful as always. Each day buildings were erected taller than the previous one and more sophisticated.  It had a peculiar history of its existence which had gone from generation to generation as it erodes until it remained a mere myth to the current generation. To some the story was a joke, to others it was what kept the city intact. Evidence of the story was all in the national archives but so few paid attention to it, with all brushing it off. It all began with an ambitious man, a man courageous enough to explore new ideas, a man fearless enough to tread on new paths but as expected he was now dead and respectfully buried.

On this Monday, the roads were busy purging people as the building swallowed even more. People were moving in every direction that permitted motion each engrossed in their own thoughts. Some were in company but most were loners probably trying to make it to work. The weather was chilly for a day in the month of April; the Matatus for that day were all making good profit. Everyone was scrambling to catch one to their destination. No vehicle spent more than a second on the stage. It was all after a long weekend full of bliss and love. All were in jovial moods expressing love whenever they pass but to one man it was a weekend when all hell broke loose.

Hell is empty, the demons live within us. Some are what we are, others the sides we fear at all costs to expose. Mwari had arrived at the office a little too early for him. He had come in unexpected to find the office dirty and unorganized. No one had been keeping an eye from the day he left on Friday. He was full of worries and fear. His bloodshot eyes were so dull for a Monday. He seemed ready to work but so unwilling. His face spoke of sorrow. The weekend was eventful as required which lead to all these behavior on a Monday.

Overlooking the parliament was his office on the sixteenth floor of the Precious house. It was a building strategically built for their company. It was seventeen floors tall with each floor properly furnished to fit the international class. Mwari’s office had a large glass wall on the south which allowed him to view the city at any time of the day. The door was made of mahogany wood as well as the furniture in the office. The table was well furnished with a tray full of papers on the right with a free space on the left. It had three extra chairs for visitors arranged in a straight line to enable each visitor to see him. His chair was something to reckon. It was made of strong mahogany wood with finishing made of blending gold. Sitting on that chair made him feel like a king. He was in control of the company with a corner office on the second last floor of the building.

Mwari stood at the window directly looking the parliament building below; life seemed to be sipping out of him. His decisions lately have all ended in negativity however sweet they were. Looking at him through the glass would make you realize how young he must be. Mwari was a young man of twenty eight years old. He was well built with masculine hands and an exemplary physique. He kept a mustache that made him look like one of those English detectives. He was tall, dark and good-looking. Nothing seemed to pass his bloodshot eyes. One thing that stood out was Asian hair that was eye-catching for an African. He understood the use of his hair to add more beauty to his physical appearance.

As a career man, Mwari was working as the Chief Executive Officer of their law firm that doubled as a logistics company.  He was a man of such high ranked position; they transported air perishables having built next to the airport. The Precious House served two purposes that ensured protection of the parliament building from the airport noise and disturbances and provide the proximity required for the transportation of the flowers, fruits and vegetables to the airport as early and quickly as possible.

Standing at the glass window made him realize how lucky he was. He was married to a beautiful wife, riding the most expensive car in the city- a jaguar. He had no kids or probably was working on that, his work was paying off handsomely. Apart from being the CEO he was also a shareholder of the company with almost three-quarter of the shares. His house was something the city had not yet discovered existed. He was living in the posh areas of the city. Somewhere one would easily unite with nature and get to understand his inner power. It was a mansion built to host a buyer worth using it. Mwari had a high end lifestyle that ensured he could afford anything he wanted.

Tears started rolling down his cheeks; he was unable to hold them back. For some reasons it felt good crying, it was a refreshing feeling that he missed having. His heart was heavy that his chest was painful. He wished all could go back to where it all started. He begged for the presence of God in his rescue. Being God-fearing, Mwari felt he had done something so awful to the Lord God almighty. Momentarily his mouth was full of saliva as his nose full of mucus with tears freely enjoying the law of gravity on his cheeks. He had to make things right before they could get out of hand. He had to inform his wife and give her the reason why he did not serenade her valentines as the usual occurrence.

At home, the wife had woken up and started to prepare the house as if expecting a visitor. She did the utensils and had to oversee as the lawn was mowed. For some reasons she find hard to go to the hospital today. She just called the matron and informed her of her absence today which was received with a lot of lamentations. She was the chief doctor at the hospital and her absence would mean anything could go wrong. She had had a headache the whole night and the thought of missing her husband for the Saturday valentine’s day added even more to the pain.

Their house was a mansion built on a two hectares piece of land. The house was built on the south west corner of the land which allowed growth of trees from the first gate. It was like entering a well taken care of forest. It was all bushy but with clean surroundings. To the south of the land was a river flowing that ensured constant supply of clean water? On the right side of the house was a swimming pool, it was medium sized. On the left side was the parking that extended from the mansion. The parking was for three cars. Just a walking distance from the swimming pool to the river was a cave that extended hundred meters long into darkness from where a branch of the river passed through. The house was well built with a helipad on the roof. It was a two-story building. From the gate to the house was a distance of one kilometer in that if one was walking, the journey might seem a little awkward and endless. It was a dream home for the young couple.

Jacky was Mwari’s wife. She was beautiful and young having a simple, sassy and successful class.  She had big eyes which complemented her small face. She was beautiful to the eye with a brown complexion. She had a smooth texture of the skin which made her look so great. Her wardrobe was something to reckon as everything she ever chose to wear suited her so gracefully. She was created beautiful with an hourglass figure. Jacky was twenty four years old with a successful career that enabled her to enjoy the expensive lifestyle she always admired. Her marriage to Mwari just ensured her fate was sealed to have a dream man in her life. Jacky was a woman of great character that allowed enjoying the company of any person who was willing to talk to her.  Her colleagues enjoyed her presence in the hospital as well as all the patients who sometimes came to visit her even after healing.

Jacky had studied medicine and surgery at the most prestigious university in the city; she had met Mwari at one of the inter-university beauty contest. Both of them were contestants whose reign was short lived as they took most of the time talking to each other than their focus on the competition. That was the best night to Jacky that she had ever spent as a beauty pageant competitor. It was a thing she started as a young girl and now it had won her a man of her life. They never gave a damn thought about the results of the competition even though they happened to be runners up but were nowhere to be seen.

Jacky and Mwari then met more than frequently theirs was a love at the first sight. Jacky was actively confused by the handsome Mwari and she was ready to sacrifice anything just to have him stay with her for a minute. Mwari who was always quick to detect the good things in life decided to get her as his companion. All happened so quickly and one thing about all of them was their respect for each other’s education. They were done with their studies and here they were happily married.

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