THE VOW (Chapter 2)

Four months earlier, Mwari attended a bachelor’s party of one of his colleagues, things started shaking up. His intentions were clear but for some reason he attended the party all alone, his wife was not even in the bachelorette’s party. As the night moved on the heat of everything started getting high and just when he was into controlling the drinking of his friends a girl walked in that took his all attention. In just a split second Mwari was deeply engrossed in the lady. She was mature with a fading beauty. She looked good from a far but still maintained the same look even when closer. She created goose bumps in Mwari as she seemed like a dark evil from the past that was here to rumble and ruin the present. They were looking at each other like a policeman does to a suspect until one of the friends noticed only to call the lady. The guy thought he was helping Mwari in hitting on a random lady but instead he was creating trouble for the CEO.

With such swiftness the lady moved as beckoned, she seemed as if she had been waiting for the call. Walking towards the group took her a while as she tried balancing whilst staring at Mwari. She had to make sure he understood the reason of her presence. It has been a half a decade ever since they last met. Mwari had sworn never to cross lines with her at all costs but here she was probably with a concrete purpose. One thing that Mwari understood from the impromptu visit that everything was about to change may be for the worst. Alice finally reached the men’s table who were deep in their liquor and talks. Mwari was in a sea of thought about his eminent future, the past that was about to haunt him and his beautiful little Jacky as he preferred to call her. Alice went straight to the guy who called her ready to submit herself to him but one thing stood out. Her eyes were fixed on Mwari as if she was to watch his movements which were limited from the time she stepped in the club. In her mind she knew the impact of her appearance in Mwari’s life. They had done everything as partners during their last meetings in which Alice grew fond of him. 

Alice was a lady of characters out of this world. She seemed to have emerged from hell direct with her evil plans always succeeding. She was now in her early forties and by the look of things life had not been fair to her. All she was left was her witty mind against the cruel world. She came to Mwari as a way to redeem herself from what she was experiencing and turn on a new leaf. She knew so perfectly that by just showing Mwari she was still alive all will fall into place and her life would begin a new. Alice was a widow of two different husbands whose death she knew better. Their deaths were all a significant gesture of her life towards wealth and success. When she first met Mwari it was coincidental but advantageous as she would turn it later. She knew how well to play her cards and win each time she wished so.

Alice had grown up in the city under the care of her parents who were still alive even as she engaged in her activities of securing success. She was one of the bright students of her class which saw her topping in each examination and tests. Even with the academic brilliance Alice understood so well that to make it in life her social intelligence must be something to reckon. She went through secondary education allowing her to be the first student in the whole country and surprisingly she refused to join the university. Promises from various well-wishers and politicians to fully support her education fell on deaf ears, she had already set her mind to try and see where life would take her. She wanted a life different from other people as one of her dreams of being on the news came true. She now had other goals and objectives to achieve before growing old. Her parents did not argue with her ideologies, they left her to explore the world, enjoy the wind and let the waves of life take her where they willed. 

Alice was bright, beautiful and bold with a dark complexion. She could easily stand out in a group of ladies at any particular time. She was always ready to take up any opportunity that presented itself. Her preparedness allowed her to bag any chance of success. She cared so less about people’s opinions about her lifestyle and allowed none to bring down her happiness. She was random in her decisions which made it so difficult for one to judge her actions. At one time she can be firmly standing with an item and a second later she is against it without much a thought. The moment she refused going to university her parents allowed her to stay on  her own and fend for herself as she was now a grown up. She strategically lived near the most prestigious university in the country that allowed her to give a peak at what was going on in the institution. The behavior of students was what turned her away; she always gave a thought of her in the university. For reasons known to her, she was sure that her keenness in class would have reduced; being the best in class would become only a dream. She was sure with her character, she could engage in all the negativity present only to ruin her parent’s reputation. 

She had a point to prove in life-a life lesson to teach most of the people who saw that a chance in the university would mean a successful life. She had to live an enjoyable life full of success, which would dismiss the theory. At first everything was normal with the initial funding from her parents that was to settle her. Gradually her parents started withdrawing the funds which saw her finding ways of making ends meet. She had to engage all the skills she thought she knew of the streets. Life started going from bad to worse at one time she almost slept on an empty stomach were it not for her boldness of getting what she wanted. Her proximity to the university allowed her to study them and understood that the institution only made smart students more lazy and frightened of taking their examinations. As a way to ensure she had a living to earn, Alice decided to step in and act a bridge to ensure the students delivered the best results to their parents. She did their examinations for them at a fee, ensuring she did her very best.

With time Alice became well versed in various disciplines from economics, statistics to politics. She could easily win an argument as she had the facts. Knowledge-wise Alice was well but still she was immature which allowed her to engage in reckless activities and enjoying the numerous parties the students organized. The only regret she had of not joining the university was the partying which sometimes required a student ID card to attend. Alice had discovered her lifetime talent-event organizing. She enjoyed doing so ranging from organizing school parties, pool parties, house parties to birthday parties. She knew just the right ingredients to spike up each event. This became her daily source of livelihood that allowed her to maintain her expensive lifestyle. 

She had to be in the know of each entertainment activities from trending clubs to the most prestigious DJs. No matter how well the work paid she always enjoyed doing examinations for lazy students as it was her way of acquiring knowledge. One discipline that she enjoyed doing was the law just to narrow down to forensic science. This made her to acquire a great deal of knowledge. As time went by, she realized how old she was growing and time passed. Her life was to be straightened and changes to happen. She had to drop some activities.

In her twenty sixth birthday celebration; Alice wished for a marriage partner. She was ready to settle in with a love of her life. She had preserved herself purposefully for the right man. She had beaten all odds staged against her with such a lifestyle. Her heart was ready for any suitable man but her mind was ready to scrutinize the good out of every man. Time flew away but her hopes were intact not to be shaken by the troubles of time, then one day as she walked past the Resse club she noticed a pile of healthy nutritious avocados. As she picked one of them, a hand touched her which seemed to be going for the same fruit. It gave her a sensational feeling that sends chills down her spine. Turning to see who it was, smiling to her was a man in his late twenties. He was gorgeous to her eyes and appealing. She only noticed his clean-shaven head with sideburns that turned her on. Confused she apologized but the man was all sorry to have hurriedly ruined her prize. 

She enjoyed the conversation there after, the man was too excited to let her go but all was to be well. He turned out to be a young lecturer at the university she was helping students cheat. He happened to have been following her as she was a common figure at most university events. Their dating happened to be one blissful moment after another as Alice swam in love. Nyamai happened to be a man of the church and he always appreciated spending time in the church no matter what. He helped her into following the word of God. She also advanced her career in event organizing which she seemed to flourish in.  Nyamai fully supported her and allowed implementation of her ideas. As time went by, Nyamai and Alice decided to get married. Theirs was to be something the two can appreciate. She offered her skills in the organization to guarantee its success.

The wedding was a colorful one, Nyamai enjoyed the day as it was a dream he had always loved to come true. The reverend joined them into one with parents from both sides giving them full blessings. They enjoyed the day as it was theirs. They received every guest with warm hearts, with each married couple promising them of how they have embarked on the most difficult journey of life. They advised them to stick on the Lord as their only source for survival. 

Even after marriage, Alice still went back to university. She went to explore new disciplines, opening up new paths. At one time she decided to test her ability in one of the examinations; she took a paper for one of the law students. During the exam she was amazed by the intelligence of one of the students. He was the first one she had ever met who was true to his studies in giving the best shot. He was a young man in his final year. He did the paper in less than an hour and spent the rest of the time sleeping and helping other students. The young man was Mwari, who was ready to sacrifice anything just to see himself done with the study ready to start a successful career path.

Alice enjoyed talking to the ambitious young man who seemed so determined in cleansing the world from its atrocities. This was the first time Mwari had an audience ready to listen to his ideas without querying. Alice offered a great deal of attention which Mwari utilized. They walked a distance as the conversation got even more deep and interesting. His were ideologies of a young man yet to test the cruelty of the real world. Someone still raw to what the world can provided as temptations. He was all about helping others without so much about himself. 

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