He could hear them converse in low tones. At first, he thought they were at least three but as he approached them, he could hear more distinct voices arguing and asserting what they were talking about. He wanted to turn back and run but his weak legs carried him forward. He tiptoed in a bid […]
She waited on the bed covered with white sheets and red pillows by the sides. He was in the washroom for the third time that night. They had not done anything but he frequented the bathroom as if looking for something. She had tried her best to satisfy him, to make him rise to the […]
You sat at the dressing table looking at your naked reflection, admiring the beautiful contours on your body. Beside you sat a computer on the table that had an MS Word window open. You were typing away one of your blogs for the day. This was the golden fiftieth blog post. As you looked at […]
Elegance was what the building screamed. Piercing the sky at the 67th floor the building hosted various companies but its main host was the government that had half of the floors in order to serve citizens better. The whole building was painted white with stripes of gold, it had a rotating door at the entrance […]
I sat in the little cringed up, dim-lit room as I waited for the priest. Sunrays were entering through cracked spaces leaving a lingering shimmering effect that drew silhouettes of ghosts on the wall. I fidgeted a little to fit comfortably on the chair as I peeked through the meshed small opening between me and […]
She sat quietly in the middle of the congregation, her notebook in hand with a pen ready to write as the Reverend taught. Today she was feeling a little worried and so far, into the middle of the sermon she had not written anything leave alone the book of the day. She had left him […]
 “So babe when am I allowed to cheat?” “What the hell are you talking about?” “You know what I am asking, when am I allowed to cheat?” he said the words slowly as if trying to let them sink in. He wanted her to get the point before making any other decision. “Where is this […]
Hello, I don’t think we were ever meant to be, not by any shot. The circumstances we find ourselves in don’t allow that, they don’t nourish that, they don’t encourage it and will never allow it to flourish. I can’t say I am sorry nor do I regret being close to you but some relations […]
“So where do we go from here?” “I for one, either hell or heaven. Do you think I am fit enough for heaven?” “No, but again you still have a chance. You do know all you have to do is ask for His forgiveness. Just humble yourself before him. He is always waiting for you […]
He woke up to find himself on the chair; his head ache so did his neck. He looked around the house and noticed the clothes on the bed, the dirty dishes on the sink and the repetitive droplets of water from the tap. The bucket was filling to the brim as water kept dripping in […]