He woke up to find himself on the chair; his head ache so did his neck. He looked around the house and noticed the clothes on the bed, the dirty dishes on the sink and the repetitive droplets of water from the tap. The bucket was filling to the brim as water kept dripping in it. The sound it made bothered him. He stood from the chair, stretched his neck sideways in a bid to straighten it. On the bed was a young lady half naked. The sun kissed her skin as it shone brightly on her nipple. She was deeply asleep. He didn’t move to disturb her though his heart wanted to. He felt the urge to touch her, play around with her exposed body but he didn’t move.

He shut down the laptop in front of him as a knock echoed from the door. He went for the door. Before he could open it, his phone rung and he came back for it. It was his fiancé. He picked the call as he went to the door.

“Hello, are you still sleeping? Why were you not answering your phone? Is someone else with you?”

He opened the door to find her waiting meekly. She smiled and hung up the call. She made a gesture to hug him as he spread his arms, she saw the exposed body. She went straight to the bed.

Mike was still dressed in his briefs and a black vest that hugged his body exposing the six pack. Rita moved past him as she pushed towards the bed. She threw the duvet off the young lady who was woken from her slumber by the rays of sun on her now exposed face.

“Who are you? Why are you waking me up? Babe did you forget to pay the rent again? Is this the land lady?”

Rita looked at her, smiled as she held back on the boiling anger. She reached for her purse but her hands went for the knife on the sink. It was still dirty from cutting ‘ugali’. She gripped the knife tightly as she drove it through the young lady’s chest. She repeated the stabbing severally before pausing and realizing what she had done. She stood there like a character in a paused movie. The knife dropped from her hands as blood flow from the bed to her feet. She was shivering with anger and fear. Her fear was overwhelming her anger. Her hands shook involuntarily as her breathes became short to the point of stopping. The only person on her mind was Mike.

Mike stood by the door in wonder. He wanted stop her but his feet couldn’t move. He remained glued to one spot wishing Rita was stabbing him. It would have been a relief and an escape too. How was he going to explain this to anybody?

Rita picked the knife, wiped it and placed it in Mike’s hands who was still in shock. She washed her hands, carefully but aggressively taking her time. She wanted to wash off the memory of what she had done. She went to the door, opened it and left.

Mike came back to reality. The body on the bed. Blood on the floor. He was sweating profusely as his mouth ran dry. He dropped the knife and ran to the body. It was still warm. It moved though faintly. He turned her head to him, her face seemed familiar. He did not recall who she was no matter what. Her weak pulse was slowing down. She tried opening her blood-filled mouth in a bid to talk but she failed. Finally, she gave up. She was gone.

Mike looked at the now limp body and tears dropped from his eyes. He wished he could remember her but his brain always failed him at the most crucial moments. He sat down to think of the next step as he controlled his breathing. He had to find a way out.

Mike was seated on the chair, still in his briefs and his black vest. The water from the tap was still dropping in the bucket making a continuous annoying rhythm. Its repetition annoyed him.  He had a headache which seemed to be emanating from the neck. He stood up and straightened his neck. He noticed the girl on the bed whose nipple was sun-kissed. What a beautiful view for a morning.

He fought his urge to play with the nipple as he shut down the laptop on the table. He heard a knock on the door as his phone rung. He was half way to the door when he came back for the phone.

“Hello, are you still sleeping? Why were you not answering your phone? Is someone else with you?”

He opened the door and there stood his girlfriend. She was on the phone. She hung up as she smiled at him ready for a hug. Mike spread his arms for one. Rita saw the exposed nipple on the bed and flew past Mike pushing him away. She threw away the duvet and there was a young lady half naked on the bed. She woke up angry.

“Who are you? Why are you waking me up? Babe did you forget to pay the rent again? Is this the land lady?”

Mike was by the door when Rita picked a knife from the sink. It clicked in him, “Was this a de’javu? Has he gone through this?” the dropping of water confirmed it as Rita went for the chest. She stabbed the young lady severally as Mike was drowned in confusion. He moved to stop her but she was done. She wiped the knife and gave it to Mike. She washed the blood off her hands and face. She wiped the droplets from her blouse and left, leaving the door open.

Mike closed the door and went back to the dying lady. She was losing her life. The look on her face was distant and forgiving. She tried to talk but the blood in her mouth hindered it. She took the last breath and poof she was gone. Mike looked at the body shaking. He could not imagine the meek Rita had done this. What was he going to do?

He moved around the room as tears dropped from his eyes freely. He drew back the curtains to stop the sun from shinning into the room. He wanted darkness away from the betraying light. He leaned on the wall and slumped down to the floor covering his face in his hands.

The blood was slowly clotting as its floor was cut short. The blood on the floor was still moving and this time its flow was towards Mike, the cause of all this. He limited his breathing in a bid to forget what had just happened but the anxiety in his heart could not leave to rest.

His mind went to Rita. He recalled how she stabbed the young lady as if possessed. She repeated without hesitation as if she was enjoying it. She then framed him perfectly for murder. “Where was she going? Why was a strange lady on his bed in the first place? Who was she?”

His sweat was now making it hard to remain still in that position. He had to move. He had to act and correct everything. He wondered how it will all turn out. “If I was to report, what would I tell the police?”

“My girlfriend killed a strange girl on my bed in my house?” He had the murder weapon in house that had his fingerprints all over. He was in an impossible situation. Finally, his sweat mixed with the dead girl’s blood forming a bridge at first before mixing completely.

He stood up ready to act. He was to do something.

Mike woke up from the chair, his head was aching and his neck hurt probably from sleeping on the table. He looked around the house wondering why he slept on the chair in his own house. He looked around the room and saw the sun-kissed nipple. He must have had a lady over. He was still in his briefs and a black vest. The sink had dirty dishes with water dropping in an almost full bucket. The droplets made a bothersome sound as they landed in the bucket. The meniscus on the bucket was almost torn.

He stood up and stretched his neck as bones crackled. He shut down the laptop as he assumed the urge to touch the young lady. A knock on the door came and he moved to answer it. Halfway there his phone rung. He came back to answer it.

“Hello, are you still sleeping? Why were you not answering your phone? Is someone else with you?”

On the door stood his girlfriend. She smiled at him and gestured him for a hug. As Mike spread his arms, she noticed the nipple in the bed. She flew past him pushing him away. Rita threw the duvet off the young lady and there she was half naked. She woke up complaining.

“Who are you? Why are you waking me up? Babe did you forget to pay the rent again? Is this the land lady?”

Mike was still at the door knowing not what to do. He could feel the changes in Rita as she frantically tried being calm. In the wicked silence of the moment, Mike recalled the feeling of having gone through this already. He remembered Rita stabbing the young lady to her death. He moved quickly and took the knife from the sink.

Rita moved around and sat down on the chair, her hands did not find anything that could calm her. She had to do it herself. She looked at Mike angrily as she concentrated on her breathing. The young lady on the bed covered herself with duvet as she tried to be appropriate. She was confused. Rita spoke.

“Who is she?”

No one was ready to talk. It was silence all over as everyone concentrating on whatever absorbed the embarrassment. Mike was rearranging the shapes of the tiles on the floor in his mind as the young lady counted the curves made by the roofing sheets.

“Mike I’m talking to you. Who is she?”

“You won’t believe me even if I tell you.”

“Indulge me dear.”

“To be sincere, I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know? I don’t believe you.”

“I told you, you won’t but for real I don’t know her. I woke up and found her half naked on my bed.”

“You guys know I’m right here, you could just ask me.”

“Shut up lady, nobody is talking to you. Then where did you sleep?”

“On that very chair, my neck hurts really bad.”

“Okay, and why are you in your boxers? What did you do before you slept?”

“I guess I was on my laptop, allow me to power it up. I may have written something or was working on an animation. I don’t remember.”

“How convenient, what did you do yesterday? You mean to say, this wretched human dropped from heaven on your bed and came naked. Isn’t that just convenient?

“I don’t know Rita, I don’t know.”

Mike woke up and found the lady on the bed, she was half-naked from the look of it. He was tired and in pain. He remembered waking up to this. It felt so real that he shook the lady awake.

“Who are you and what are you doing on my bed?”

“Hey dear, you don’t remember anything, do you?”

“No, I don’t. Why are you here? Get dressed you are leaving.”

“Come on dear, the fun is not yet here. Can we wait just a little longer? She is almost here. Just give it like one, two, three…”

There was knock at the door.

“There we go, let the fun begin. I don’t know it is going to end this time round.”

“What are you talking about? Get dressed lady you are leaving.”

The phone rung and it was his girlfriend. He picked it.

“Hello, are you still sleeping? Why were you not answering your phone? Is someone else with you?”

He didn’t get a chance to talk as he hung up.

“Get dressed, I don’t know why you’re smiling. If my girlfriend gets here in your current outfit you’re done.”
“I want to be offed by her, let her in, I am ready. Finally, it is happening.”

“Lady get up, he moved towards her, she did not have any clothes of her own in the house. What happened yesterday?

He went for the door after covering her with the duvet and a few of the clothes.

Rita stormed in the house, she looked around and touched the duvet before seeing her feet. It was a lady. She started shaking from growing anger, Mike saw through her anger and calmed her. She took her time before she could settle down and listen to what Mike was to say.

“I don’t know what happened Rita.”

“Really, I haven’t even asked, okay big boy. What happened here? Who’s is the young lady on your bed? What is she doing?”

“I don’t know; hell I don’t know even her name.”

Mike woke up from his sleep. He had been sleeping on the table. His head and neck hurt. He immediately remembered how it was to go through the previous loops. He was locked in one event for the day. He saw the lady on the bed, the dirty dishes on the sink, the dipping water from the tap into the bucket. It was all the same from the previous events. He had to protect the strange lady lest Rita killed her. He closed the laptop without shutting it down.

He stretched his neck before going for the lady.

“Hey you, wake up. You need to go. Take one of Rita’s dresses and leave. I don’t want her finding you here.”

“You don’t get it, do you?”

“What am I to get? Rita has killed you twice and she will do it again if you’re not gone. “

“I am here to die, I thought by the time we get to the last loop you would have figured it. You are dumber than I thought.”

“Why does she have to kill you? Why me? Why today?”

“You do know yourself, don’t you? The player in you, the cheater in you, the liar in you, the manipulator in you and the war with your conscience in wanting not to admit who you are. Mike you’re the perfect candidate to help me.”


“Your negative energy and the strong fight your soul puts are helpful in pushing this immortality spell.”

“Immortality. You were killed and you died before my eyes.”

“Well, watch and learn Mike. I am not going anywhere without my spell energized.”

Rita knocked on the door as she called Mike. The phone rung as he stood up. He resorted to watch fate play its flute. He was to stop whatever Rita would do.

Rita came in angrier than ever for the ten missed calls Mike hadn’t answered. She saw the lady seated on the bed half-naked. The breasts were out for display. Her first reaction was to fight but Mike restrained her. He explained to her about the previous events, how they had that very conversation. She listened attentively but as Mike told her of the murders she had committed her urge to kill arose. She eyed the lady with anger. The young lady looked back in jest.

As Mike was absorbed in the storytelling Rita pounced on the knife in the sink. She went for the neck and blood spurted as its strength reduced and the distance it spread to reduced. The lady on the bed died as her eyes remained opened in anticipation.

Mike looked at Rita and shook his head. Rita Looked back at him and they sat in silence. Thirty minutes went by without anyone saying a thing. The lady suddenly woke up grumpy as if from a long slumber. She looked angrily at Mike and Rita. She took a dress from the pile on the bed and left the room. Mike sat there in anticipation of the next loop. As the lady walked towards the door, her skin grew wrinkly each minute. She was growing old. Rita followed her leaving Mike to clean her mess. Mike sat there in stupor.

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