She waited on the bed covered with white sheets and red pillows by the sides. He was in the washroom for the third time that night. They had not done anything but he frequented the bathroom as if looking for something. She had tried her best to satisfy him, to make him rise to the occasion but today as he had explained earlier, he had a lot on his mind. She waited patiently after being awoken from her peaceful sleep. She kept looking at her phone.

She wore a cream nightie that had a fine finishing of laces just at the knee, her succulent brown thighs remained exposed for his satisfaction but tonight they just didn’t do it for him. She sat at the edge of the bed facing the door to the washroom, slightly exposing her inner thighs. She wanted to give him or rather serve him as he always wanted.

He came back from the bathroom as he tried to tie his shorts and adjust his vest over the protruding belly. He smiled at her as his eyes darted from her meek beautiful face to her alluring thighs. He couldn’t get enough of those hips but tonight he was not having any.

“Come here.”

She beckoned him with her fingers in a way to direct him to her. She rolled back to the bed ready to embrace him. He moved as clumsily as he could. His heartbeat increased ready to pump blood to his designated destination but something hindered it. He walked towards her nonetheless. Maria coiled herself on the bed in a seductive way in a bid to show him what he was missing. Peter Kweru moved onto the bed. In his eyes, the doubt and fear were all over. He did not understand why this was happening to him. He recalled sending her the risky texts and her riskier responses and how they planned to have this, a whole night to themselves.

“Let me help you with that,” Maria said so as she went for the shorts. She wanted him naked and ready to pounce. For some reason, he was so reluctant tonight.

“No, I will do it myself.”

Peter took the chance to get her warm hands off his body and peeled away. He went back to the washroom.

He opened the door and locked it behind him. He dropped his shorts and looked at his shriveled member. He felt sorry, for the first time. He was a forty years old man with what seemed like erectile dysfunction. He took it into his hands and started stroking it, the motion increased in pace as he saw it respond. His excitement showed on his face a brimming smile drew showing his yellow, tobacco-stained teeth. He was doing it. He kept going.

A minute went by and he was ready to open the door. Maria looked at her phone. No notification yet.



“Get ready I am coming.”

“For real, I have been ready since we got here.”

“Okay, I think you will get what you came for. I am actually rising to the occasion.”

As he opened the door, his member in his hands, and walk out half-naked, he felt the overwhelming softness. He felt it going soft in his hands. He didn’t bother to look down there. Maria watched the whole episode with disgust. She was somehow ready for him but as time went by, she became grateful as she didn’t have to do the heavy work and most likely he was going to pay her handsomely tonight. Just as compensation.

Peter Kweru turned as his face dropped and went back to the bathroom.

“Why do you think this happening?”

“As I had said earlier, it might be a hindrance in my mind. I have beaver experienced this before. You know me.”

“I do, that’s why I was really looking forward to this but well, we don’t always get what we deserve or want.”

Maria went back under the cover of the duvet and faced the other side. He came back and joined her on the bed. He resorted to sleeping.

Under the covers, he placed his crotch directly on her bum as the smooth skin touched him emitting a heat that was slow to affect him. He concentrated on his sleep. Maria felt the growth touching her as she smiled sheepishly. He was really doing. The power of the butt.

Peter did not take notice of the rise as he had assumed that it was one of those phantom erections he was to get as he had failed miserably in eliciting one.

She turned around and faced him. Her lips went directly for his as her hand went towards his crotch. She was ready as he was ready finally. She could feel him smile. They kicked the duvet off and as Maria got rid of the nightdress, peter signaled her to keep in on. He stood up and took her in his arms. Just as he was about to get into her, he felt the drop. He was soft AGAIN.

They slept facing the ceiling, Maria wrapped the duvet around her body leaving her head out. Peter wrapped his whole body in the duvet. Too afraid to face her.

It was now two in the morning. Maria stood up and took her phone to the bathroom.

In the washroom, she turned on the shower and the tap then sat on the toilet bowl. She lit up her phone and scrolled through her contact. She called a guy who was still awake on the other end.

“Is it done yet?” The guy asked.

“No. Are you done yet?”


“I am waiting on you, I thought you were a pro at these things.”

“I am but this guy has a lot of money and I have to induce several wire transfers to remain untraceable.”

“How far are you?”

“Close enough. I may be done in the next thirty minutes. Are you still rolling with the other idea?”

“We haven’t done anything yet. For some reason, he has some problems with his erections. I am actually thinking of sparing him.”

“Good for you.”

“I will ping you once I am done. That might be you cue.”

“Okay.” She hung up the phone and went into the shower.

Peter Kware was listening at the door, thinking maybe she was self-pleasuring. Maybe hearing her would have helped with his case. He had the phone call but didn’t get anything else. He stepped from the door once water stopped running.

Maria came back. She strutted around naked and went for the towel. She wiped her body, nice and slow making sure he was looking at her. Peter went through his phone. He stole a few glances onto her magnificent body. He decided to concentrate on his phone and something sent him to his bank accounts. He saw the money and refreshed it to confirm only to see a balance of Ksh. 0.00. He kept refreshing but his goose was cooked.

He didn’t bother to talk to Maria. In a way, he sensed that she had everything to do with this. Noticing his overwhelming silence, she talked as she dressed into her favorite grey sweatpants and a black t-shirt

“Can I order some room service? I am hungry.”

“Suit yourself.”

She called the hotel number and in a few minutes, a meal came. She went to receive the meal sending off the room attendant as she took the meal. Her phone pinged as she was taking the meal. Peter looked at the phone and saw the message. “It’s done.”

He refreshed his bank accounts and saw the same reading as from fifteen minutes ago. He stood up to confront her. Maria was busy preparing the meal. She knew he would love a taste and, in such she saw, an opportunity to spike that side of the meal.

“You have a message.”

“Pass me my phone.”

“Who texts you this late?”

“It might be one of the service providers.”

She lied.

“The message says, ‘It’s done’”

“Who gave you permission to read my messages?’ She asked with a hint of anger.

“It is showing on your already lit-up screen.”

“Why do you read other people’s messages, you impotent sissy.”

That did it for him as he struck her on the face.

“Don’t ever insult me again,” he warned.

Maria reeled backward almost knocking the meal down. In anger, Peter took the meal and ate by himself.

Maria sat on the floor crying and exaggerating just to watch him finish the meal.

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